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Wallaby Ranch is the biggest and most comprehensive full-service Hang Gliding Flight Park in the world.

For first-timers we offer introductory tandem flights with highly experienced certified instructors. No experience necessary.

For beginners, we offer discounted 10 or 20 lesson student packages. These packages include tandem flight instruction, classroom instruction, student manual and logbook. Once you have soloed, there is no need to buy your own glider right away; we have a full range of beginner gliders for rent. Rather than buying a glider, we recommend buying your own helmet, harness and parachute first.

As a rated pilot, you can arrive here with nothing but the clothes on your back, and take to the air fully equipped one hour later. Or bring your own harness, helmet and instruments, but save yourself the hassle and risk of taking your glider on the airplane, and rent one of our gliders instead. If you don't have your aerotow rating yet, we will teach you in no time!

We have a huge selection of over 50 gliders of all sizes and for all skill levels for rent and many more for purchase. All our gliders are in excellent shape, set up and broken down on grass, and hardly ever put on car racks.

Wallaby Ranch is an authorized dealer for all major hang glider and equipment manufacturers. If we don't have it in stock, we can order it for you.

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