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Why Wallaby?

Wallaby Ranch is the first and largest aerotow hang gliding flight park in the world.

The very concept of a hang gliding school built around two-place in-air instruction was invented here. It was in 1991 when Malcolm Jones, founder and owner of Wallaby Ranch, outfitted tandem hang gliders with wheels for easy take-offs and landings, which in conjunction with aerotowing revolutionized hang gliding instruction and paved the way for a better, safer, and more enjoyable way of learning how to fly.

We have more experience aerotowing hang gliders than any other outfit. No one comes even close. Malcolm is by far the most experienced tandem hang gliding pilot in the world, and has more than 30,000 incident-free tandem flights under his belt.

His vast experience, combined with a very conservative approach to tandem flying and hang gliding instruction, is responsible for our unparalleled safety record. In ten years of full-time operation, tens of thousands of tandem flights went without a hitch.

Wallaby Ranch enjoys a stellar reputation as one of the best hang gliding schools in the nation and around the globe. Numerous 'big name' hang gliding pilots recommend Wallaby Ranch as the best and safest place to learn how to fly hang gliders.

The Ranch is open every day of the year and someone is here 24 hours a day to help you.

Wallaby Ranch is a fully owned operation, not a co-op of tow plane owners or shareholders. We own the real estate, the tow planes, the hang gliders, and all related equipment.

Always under same management, the Wallaby Ranch employs a full-time staff of 10 people, including professional tow pilots, highly experienced certified instructors, and a gourmet chef to prepare breakfast and lunch.

Wallaby Ranch is a hang gliding only operation. We do not have to share an airfield or be concerned with other aircraft taking off or landing. Similarly, our 100-acre take-off and landing field allows take-offs and landings in any direction. We are not bound by the layout of the runways of an airfield.

The Ranch is located in a beautiful secluded setting, surrounded by natural Florida woodlands, home to many different species of wildlife, from deer, migrating birds, various reptiles and amphibians to the occasional sighting of the very rare and endangered Florida Panther.

Despite its secluded setting, Wallaby Ranch is only a short drive from all major attractions in the Greater Orlando area.

Wallaby Ranch offers more amenities than any other hang gliding flight park. We offer tent and RV camping facilities. We have freshly prepared community breakfast and lunch. We have a 27,000 gallon, 7 foot deep swimming pool, a climbing wall, and a children's playground complete with a Dr. Seuss tree house. There are mountain bike and walking trails winding through the woods.

But most importantly, the Ranch offers a truly unique atmosphere very different from any other hang gliding operation. We are not just another hang gliding school or another aerotow flight park, but rather a community of hang gliding enthusiasts from all over the world.

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